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If the remote computer can’t be connected:

  1. Make sure Radmin Server is running on the remote computer and examine the log file in case it is not.
  2. Try to connect from the remote computer to itself. If this fails:
    • Ping the remote computer from itself (see step 3).
    • Examine the log file.
  3. Ping the remote computer from the local computer. If it cannot be pinged:
    • Ensure that the IP address or DNS name of the remote computer is valid and accessible by pinging it from itself and from any other linked computers.
    • If the remote computer is not accessible by network topology, refer to the “connecting over LAN” help section for details.
  4. Scan the remote computer for an open port (4899 by default). You can use the build-in scanner or any port-scanning software of your choice. If this fails:
    • Check the port settings on the remote computer to ensure that you are using the correct port.
    • If the remote computer has a firewall installed, make sure it is correctly configured.

      Radmin note Connecting tipsWindows 7 has a built-in firewall that may be active.

    • Configure any proxies/routers between the local and remote computer so they allow connections on the target port.
  5. Examine the log file.
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Connecting tips