Setting up security

Radmin chapter Setting up security

After installing Radmin, you will be asked to configure Radmin security. You can change security settings later by accessing Radmin Server settings.

The basic security configuration enables the user to choose between Radmin Security and Windows security.

Radmin note Setting up security If neither Radmin security nor Windows security is configured, there will be no way to connect Radmin Server.

  • Radmin Security

    Uses login and password protection for authentication.

    Radmin tip Setting up securityIf you don’t want to enter a password each time you connect to a remote computer, you can use Windows security. If you have logged in using credentials specified in the Radmin Server access list, Radmin will not require a user name or password.

    To increase security, you cannot save passwords on the computer running Radmin Viewer.

  • Windows security

    Allows one to specify Windows users and groups that have access to Radmin Server.

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Setting up security