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  • Main Radmin Viewer window:

    • Full compatibility with Windows 7

    • User-friendly interface

      The Radmin Viewer interface is optimized to be as user friendly as possible.

    • Phonebook for storing connection information

      Radmin provides a phonebook with an explorer-like interface, folders and drag-and-drop support that allows the user to organize remote computers and change settings for individual records. All phonebook records are stored in a file that can be exported or imported.

    • Multilanguage user interface and built-in help

      Radmin contains a multilanguage engine to use language modules that are available for download from the Famatech website.

    • Radmin Servers scanner

      A high-speed, multi-threaded scanner allowing users to determine the hosts from the phonebook that are currently running Radmin Server.

    • Shortcuts from phonebook record to desktop

      Creates a one-click shortcut to any remote computer from its phonebook record.

    • Tray icon minimization

      Radmin Viewer window can be configured so it minimizes into your system tray when you are not using it.

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  • Remote Screen Window:

    • DireсtScreenTransfer Technology

      Radmin uses a video hook kernel mode driver under Windwows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000 to capture screen changes. This boosts the capture rate to hundreds of screen updates per second.

    • Transfers a remote screens in either 2, 4, 16, 256, 65 thousand or 16 million colors at blazing speed

      Radmin uses cutting-edge programming techniques to capture remote screen changes, pack them and transfer them via an encrypted connection to the Viewer.

    • High-resolution modes

      There is no limit to the maximum display resolution Radmin can capture.

    • Full support for remote computers with multiple monitors

      If the remote computer’s desktop spawns multiple monitors, Radmin Viewer can display either the entire remote desktop or a specified monitor image.

    • Full-screen, scaled and normal view of the remote screen

      Full-screen mode shows the remote screen full-size on your own monitor. Scaled mode lets you see the remote screen scaled down to fit a window on your local computer’s monitor. Scaled images are antialiased to improve quality and readability, with option to keep aspect ratio.

    • Remote cursor display

      Fully supports displaying animated and alpha-blended remote computer cursors. Can be configured to display remote computer cursors in different ways.

    • Mouse wheel support

      Accurately transfers mouse wheel actions to the remote computer.

    • Multiple monitors support

      Radmin Viewer will operate normally when the local computers has more than one monitor connected and active.

    • Full keyboard control

      Radmin Viewer can be configured so special keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Tab etc.) will affect the remote computer.

    • Configurable keyboard shortcuts

      Radmin lets you define shortcuts for its commands, such as sending a Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to a remote computer or switching from full screen to a windowed view mode.

    • Two-way clipboard transfer

      Radmin lets you copy local clipboard text into remote computer’s clipboard and vice-versa. Unicode clipboard content is fully supported.

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  • Available connection modes:

    • Full Control and View Only connection modes

      Real-time display of the remote computer’s screen and the ability to control it in ‘Full Control’ mode.

    • File Transfer connection mode

      Lets you transfer files easily between computers.

    • Shutdown Connection Mode

      Lets you reboot or shutdown the remote computer with two mouse clicks.

    • Telnet Connection Mode

      You can execute command and programs on a remote computer using a command-line interface when connected using Radmin’s Telnet mode.

    • Voice Chat connection mode

      Real-time audio chat using microphone and speakers. Your voice transfers clearly even with low-speed modem connections.

    • Text Chat connection mode

      Real-time chat using text messages. Multiple public and private channels, syntax coloring and away-from-computer tracking are available.

    • Send Message Command

      Allows the user to send short text messages to a remote computer that is running Radmin Server.

    • Intel® AMT

      This is a special connection that enables you to turn a remote computer on or off, manage the remote computer’s BIOS settings, control the remote computer’s boot process before the operating system is loaded and boot the remote computer from a local CD or from an ISO file.

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  • Radmin Server:

    • Full compatibility with Windows 7

    • Support of Fast User Switching on Windows Vista and Windows 7

      The server keeps connections when users are switched on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    • Multiple Connections Support

      The server can accept multiple incoming connections. A client can simultaneously connect to different servers as well as to a single server in different connection modes.

    • Run as a Service

      Works as a service, enabling connections when no user is logged on the remote computer, and can log required users on and off.

    • Multiple monitors support

      If the remote computer has multiple monitors connected and active, Radmin Server can transfer either the entire desktop or a specified monitor image.

    • Mouse cursor transfer

      Captures any remote computer cursor and sends its appearance back to Radmin Viewer. Fully supports animated and alpha-blended cursors.

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  • Radmin Security:

    • 256-Bit AES strong encryption of all data streams

      Radmin generates unique 256-bit keys for each connection and encrypts data streams using highly secure AES algorithms. Encryption is always enabled.

    • Windows security permissions

      Supports different permissions for specific users or user groups from a Primary Domain, Trusted Domains and the Active Directory. Supports automatic use of logged-in user credentials.

    • Radmin Security Permissions

      Supports different permissions for the users added to the Radmin Server access list. Radmin uses a Diffie-Hellman based key exchange with 2048-bit key size for secure user authentication.

    • IP Filter

      Permits access to Radmin Server only from specified IP addresses and networks.

    • Logging feature for writing all actions to the log file

      Writes all information concerning connections, including the user name, DNS name and IP address, to a log file.

    • Five incorrect passwords sequence security delay

      Will suspend accepting new connections after five attempts with incorrect passwords, preventing attempts to guess the password.

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  • Radmin version compatibility:

    • Radmin Viewer 3.x can connect to Radmin Server 3.x, Radmin Server 2.2 and Radmin Server 2.1

    • Radmin Server 3.x can accept connections only from Radmin Viewer 3.x

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