What’s new in Radmin version 3.4

Radmin chapter Whats new in version 3.4
  • Radmin Server:

    • Support for Windows 7.

What’s new in Radmin version 3.3

Radmin chapter Whats new in version 3.4
  • Radmin Viewer:

    • Support for IntelĀ® AMT technology.

What’s new in Radmin version 3.2

Radmin chapter Whats new in version 3.4
  • Radmin Server:

    • Support for Windows Server 2008.
    • Support for Windows Vista SP1.
    • Support for Left-handed mouse.

What’s new in Radmin version 3.1

Radmin chapter Whats new in version 3.4
  • Radmin Server:

    • Support for 64 bit Windows versions.

What’s new in Radmin version 3.0

Radmin chapter Whats new in version 3.4
  • Main Radmin Viewer window:

    • Folders in Radmin phonebook.
    • Explorer-like tree view window with Radmin folders.
    • Drag and drop of items and folders.
    • Radmin phonebook stored in the file.
    • Export-import phonebook files.
    • Scan for running Radmin Servers.
    • Ability to create shortcuts to phonebook items on desktop.
    • Options dialog in main window.
    • Defaults for new connections in options.
    • Global options for Remote Screen, File transfer, Chat, Audio Chat in the Main window options.
    • Minimize Radmin Viewer main window to tray icon.
  • Remote Screen Window:

    • Full screen stretch view mode.
    • Smooth scaling in the remote screen window.
    • Toolbar at the top allowing fast switching between connection modes, sending key combinations, switching view modes and changing current remote monitor.
    • Server cursor support in two ways: replace of local cursor, draw with screen updates.
    • Mouse wheel and additional buttons support.
    • Auto mouse scroll in the Remote Screen window.
    • Multiple monitors support.
    • Support for color modes from 1 bit to true color.
    • Special keystrokes handling (Alt-Tab, Windows key, etc).
    • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for Radmin commands.
    • Fast launch of other connections (file transfer, chat, voice, telnet) from Remote Screen window without entering passwords again.
    • Ability to keep aspect ratio in stretch view.
    • Support for Unicode clipboard contents.
    • Smooth scaling.
  • File transfer mode:

    • Vertical panel splitting.
    • Movable toolbar and combobox panels.
    • New hotkeys added: access folder selection menu, sorting files and folders, copy selected files and directories, rename files and folders, switch between panes, refresh the active pane.
    • Hotkey to open new file transfer window without entering login and password.
    • 4Gb+ file transfer support.
    • Execute files on the local computer.
    • File names in Unicode format support.
  • New connection modes:

    • Multi-user chat.
    • Multi-user audio chat.
    • Ability to send a message to a server.
  • Radmin Server:

    • Unmatched speed and low CPU usage.
    • New DirectScreenTransfer technology using new video hook driver.
    • Full compatibility with Windows Vista.
    • Support of Fast User Switching on Windows XP and Vista.
    • New optimized network protocol.
    • Multiple monitors support.
    • Support of sending cursor shape and position.
    • New options interface.
    • New Radmin security settings interface.
    • New Windows security settings interface.
    • Logs in HTML format.
    • New IP filtering settings interface.
    • Select interface language and an option to autoselect language.
    • Ability to disable specific connection modes.
    • Settings for text and voice chat.
  • Security:

    • Advanced 256 bit AES encryption for all sending and receiving data.
    • Kerberos authentication protocol support.
    • New Radmin security supports Users with individual rights.
    • Radmin security uses new authentication method based on Diffie-Hellman key exchange with 2048 bit key size.
    • New Windows security settings interface with support for Trusted Domains for WinNT 4.0 and Active Directory for Win2k/WinXP/Win2003/Vista/2008.
    • DNS name and user name info added to the logfile.
    • 5 bad passwords sequence security delay.
  • Text chat:

    • Private instant messaging.
    • Multi-user, real time text chat conversations.
    • Custom fonts, text color and size, custom nickname.
    • Operator can kick out the users from the chat.
    • Create new channels, including password-protected channels.
    • Send text messages to multiple users.
    • Save chat history in a separate log.
    • User-friendly interface, control with the mouse and using hotkeys and text commands.
    • 256-bit encryption enabled for all transferred data.
  • Voice chat:

    • Private, real time voice chat conversations (VoIP analog).
    • Multi-user, real time voice chat conversations.
    • Conference mode with microphone queue.
    • Customizable voice quality to save bandwidth and traffic.
    • Creating multiple public and private channels.
    • Channel protection with user and operator passwords.
    • Short text message sending.
    • Record conversation to .wav file.
    • Set optimum bandwidth for voice chat.
    • 256-bit encryption enabled for all transferred data.
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What’s new in version 3.4