Radmin Server safety tips

Radmin chapter Safety tips

It is very important to observe basic safety precautions that will help to protect your communications from unauthorized access:

  • Use long, complicated passwords that do not contain dictionary words. The password “11111111″ can be guessed on the first attempt, whereas the password “7erTxaNux8″ cannot be guessed or discovered by brute-force at all.
  • Use a unique password for Radmin Server. Do not use the same password that you use for an e-mail account or credit card – such passwords can be thrown away after the corresponding service is changed or expired, and be accessed by unauthorized persons. The corresponding service also may have a weak defense and be hacked, resulting in your password being leaked.
  • Keep your password secure.
  • If you use Windows security, make sure the domain structure is properly configured and there is no way to alter it without authorization.
  • Enable logging under Radmin Server settings to detect unauthorized connection attempts and prevent them in the future.
  • Enable your system firewall to monitor and prevent unwanted connection attempts.
  • Use antivirus software and spyware removal software frequently to ensure that local and remote computers are free of viruses, trojans and spyware programs.
  • Keep your operating system and network-related software up to date by installing the latest updates, patches and hotfixes.
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