Asking connection permissions

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You can configure Radmin Server to ask remote user for permission every time you want to connect to the remote computer.

To configure permissions:
  1. Access Radmin Server options; a ‘settings’ window will appear (Radmin illustr Asking connection permissionillustration).
    Radmin srvcfg Asking connection permission
    Server options window
  2. Press the ‘Options…‘ button to display the ‘Options‘ window (Radmin illustr Asking connection permissionillustration).

    Radmin srvcfg options general Asking connection permission
    ‘General’ server options window

  3. Check the ‘Ask user permission’ checkbox. If it is checked, Radmin Server will ask the user for permission to receive for any incoming connection.
  4. Choose ‘auto deny after timeout’ or ‘auto allow after timeout’ to specify the action Radmin Server will perform if a remote user doesn’t respond and the request times out.
  5. Enter a value in the ‘timeout’ field. If a user does not accept or deny the connection request before the timeout is reached, Radmin will automatically accept or deny it. This value should be a number of seconds between 1 and 999.
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Asking connection permission