Changing the Radmin Server interface language

Radmin chapter Changing language
To change the interface language:
  1. Exit Radmin Server.
  2. Download the required language file (‘resource pack’) from the Famatech website at

    and copy it file into the installation folder.

  3. Start Radmin Server.
  4. Access Radmin Server options; a ‘settings’ window will appear (Radmin illustr Changing languageillustration).
    Radmin srvcfg Changing language
    Server options window
  5. Click on the Options… button to display the ‘Options’ window.
  6. Switch to the ‘Language’ tab on the left (Radmin illustr Changing languageillustration).

    Radmin srvcfg options lang Changing language
    ‘Language’ server options window

  7. Uncheck the ‘Select language automatically’ checkbox and select the new language from the dropdown list.

    Radmin tip Changing language If the desired language is not in the list, this means that the incorrect language file was downloaded, or the correct language file was not placed in the installation folder.

  8. Click the Ok button.
  9. Restart Radmin Server.
Radmin jumpto Changing language

Changing language