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When you have connected to the remote computer in ‘Full Control’ mode, all your mouse movement and keyboard actions will transfer to the remote computer. If the remote computer desktop appears inside a window (in Normal or Stretch display mode) mouse actions will transfer to the remote computer only if the mouse pointer is inside the Radmin window.

Radmin note Controlling remote computerThe remote computer mouse follows the local computer mouse only when local computer mouse moves. If the local mouse is not moving, the remote computer user can move that computer’s mouse freely.

You can configure Radmin to display the remote cursor in different ways. For details, refer ro remote cursor displaying.

When the Full Control connection window is active, all keystrokes will transfer to the remote computer. You can enable the ‘Full keyboard control‘ feature in order to send special key combinations:

  • If Radmin Viewer does not use “Full keyboard control”

    Windows shortcut keys ( see list) will affect the local computer.

    List of standard Windows shortcuts affected by the ‘Full Keyboard Control’ feature:
    • <Alt>+<Tab>
    • <Ctrl>+<Esc>
    • <Alt>+<PrintScreen>
    • <Alt>+<Space>
    • <Alt>+<Esc>
    • <PrintScreen>
    • <Alt>+<Enter>
  • If Radmin Viewer uses ‘Full keyboard control’

    All Windows shortcut keys will affect the remote computer.

    Radmin note Controlling remote computer <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> is a special Windows shortcut that is not affected by “Full keyboard control”. You can send this shortcut either by using the window menu or by assigning and using a hotkey.

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