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If the ‘Full Control’ / ‘View Only’ connection is in Normal or Stretch display mode, you can open the window menu by right-clicking on the window’s caption. Another way to access this menu is by assigning and using a hotkey.

The window menu (Radmin illustr Using Window menuillustration) has following menu items (some are disabled in “View only” mode):

Radmin winmenu Using Window menu
Remote Screen window menu

  • Launch

    Lets you launch additional connections in different connection modes to the same remote computer.

    Radmin tip Using Window menuWhen you are using the ‘Launch’ command, there is no need to enter your login information again for each connection.

  • Normal/Stretch/Full Screen/Stretch to Full Screen view

    Lets you choose a Remote Screen window view mode.

  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Del

    Lets you send the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination to the remote computer.

    Radmin note Using Window menuOn Windows 7 the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination may not be available due to system security settings. You can change security settings located in the ‘Group Policy Editor’ -> ‘Computer Configuration’ -> ‘Administrative Templates’ -> ‘Windows Components’ -> ‘Windows Logon Options’ -> ‘Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence’. Settings must be set to one of the following: ‘Not Configured’, ‘Disabled’, ‘Enabled’ with a value ‘Easy Of Access’ or ‘Enabled’ with a value ‘Services & Easy Of Access’.

  • Send Key

    Lets you send Windows and Radmin shortcuts.

    Radmin tip Using Window menu You can use the ‘ Full keyboard control‘ feature to send Windows shortcuts directly.

  • Get Clipboard

    Copy the remote computer’s clipboard into the local computer clipboard. More info…

  • Set Clipboard

    Copy the local computer’s clipboard into the remote computer’s clipboard. More info…

  • Select Remote Monitor

    Lets you view specified monitor or entire remote computer desktop.

  • Options…

    Lets you access a Connection Options.

  • About…

    Displays information about the application.

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Using Window menu