The “Connect to” window

Radmin chapter "Connect to" window
Radmin jumpto "Connect to" window

This window appears when you issue a ‘Connect to’ command via the Radmin Viewer interface. (Radmin illustr "Connect to" windowillustration).

Radmin options connectto "Connect to" window
“Connect to” window

Here you can configure the following settings for a new connection: the remote computer’s IP address, the Radmin Server port, the connection mode and the optional ‘connect through‘ feature.

  • IP address or DNS name

    Enter the remote computer’s IP address or DNS name here.

  • Use default port

    If this option is not selected, you can enter a custom port for the connection.

  • Port

    Here is where you enter a custom port for Radmin Server.

  • Connection type

    Here you select the connection mode.

  • Connect through host

    Use this checkbox and select a computer from the following list to connect through Radmin Server installed on the selected computer.

    Radmin tip "Connect to" windowThe list is populated with records from your address book.

  • Add to phonebook

    If you check this option, Radmin will save the phonebook record before connecting.

The tabs on the left configure the same settings as the corresponding tabs in Radmin Viewer options and Windows Security options.

Radmin related "Connect to" window

"Connect to" window