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Main window overview

The main Radmin Viewer window (Radmin illustr Main windowillustration) lets you initiate new connections to remote computers, and stores phonebook records for those computers that you connect to on a frequent basis. It includes two main components:

Radmin mainviewerwnd Main window
Radmin Viewer window
  • Phonebook on the right

    Each phonebook entry includes a description of the remote computer with its own label and settings. Double-clicking on the phonebook entry will launch a connection to the remote computer using the current connection mode.

  • Folders to the left

    You can group phonebook records into ‘folders’, similar to the way Explorer groups files. When you select a folder on the left, its contents, complete with all of its sub-foolders, appear on the right.

    Radmin icon up Main window This symbol lets you see the parent folder contents when you are viewing the contents of a sub-folder.

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Connection-specific menu

This menu appears when you right-click on a phonebook record (Radmin illustr Main windowillustration). It includes the following items:

Radmin phonebookconmenu Main window
Connection menu
  • Full Control, View Only, Telnet, File Transfer, Shutdown, Chat, Voice Chat, Send Message, IntelĀ® AMT

    Connects using the corresponding connection mode.

  • License Code Transfer

    Transfers the license key to the remote computer.

  • Delete

    Deletes a phonebook record.

  • Rename

    Renames a phonebook record.

  • Create Shortcut on Desktop

    Creates a shortcut on the desktop.

    Radmin note Main windowEach desktop shortcut contains information on the phonebook from which it was created, which means you can create multiple shortcuts from multiple phonebooks.

  • Properties

    Enables the user to view and change phonebook record properties.

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