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The Options window (Radmin illustr Full Control defaultsillustration). lets you configure additional connection defaults for “Full Control” and “View Only” connection modes.

Radmin options d fullcontrol Full Control defaults
‘Full Control defaults’ window

You can configure the following options:

Remote cursor modes

Affects the visibility and shape of Radmin Server’s cursor:

  • Do not show the remote cursor

    The remote cursor will not be shown.

  • Set remote cursor shape to local cursor

    The remote cursor movements do not affect your local cursor position. However its shape will always be the same as the remote cursor’s shape.

  • Draw the remote cursor in the remote screen bitmap

    The remote cursor appears as well as your local cursor, and you will see the movements of both cursors.

Full keyboard control

If the option is selected, all keyboard strokes except for Ctrl+Alt+Del and shortcuts will transfer to the remote computer. To send Ctrl+Alt+Del, use the remote window menu or define your own shortcut.

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Full Control defaults