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The ‘Options’ window (Radmin illustr General optionsillustration) lets you configure general Radmin Viewer behavior.

Radmin options general General options
General options window

You can configure the following options:

Minimize to tray icon

If this option is checked, Radmin Viewer will display its icon in the system tray and remove its window from the taskbar when it is minimized. To restore the Radmin Viewer window, click on its system tray icon. If you right-click on the Radmin Viewer tray icon, its menu (Radmin illustr General optionsillustration) will appear. This menu lets you display the Radmin Viewer window, close the program, or view the ‘About’ box.

Radmin traymenu General options
Tray menu

Don’t show splash screen

Enables or disables splash screen display upon program startup.

Don’t ask delete confirmation

Enables or disables the confirmation dialog when you are deleting phonebook records.

Don’t start if Radmin Viewer is already started

If this option is checked, only one copy of Radmin Viewer can be started at a time.

Radmin tip General optionsYou can initiate multiple connections from a single Radmin Viewer.

Number of threads to be used in Radmin Server scans

Increasing this number will result in faster scanning but will decrease computer performance during the scan.

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