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The Options window (Radmin illustr Remote Screen defaultsillustration) lets you configure new connection defaults for “Full Control” and “View Only” connection modes.

Radmin options d rscreen Remote Screen defaults
‘Remote screen defaults’ window

You can configure the following options:

Color format

Defines the color depth of images that Radmin Server will transfer to Radmin Viewer. Lower color depths will require less data to be transferred over the network, which improves update speeds but decreases image quality. Maximum color depth will show you almost the same image as on the remote computer, but the update speed can be slow.

View mode

Sets the default view mode for connections. When connected, you can always change the current view mode by pressing a shortcut (F12 by default).

Maximum number of updates

Defines the maximum number of updates per second that Radmin Server will send to Radmin Viewer. Higher values require more CPU time on the server computer, but result in smoother updates.

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