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Using shutdown connection mode you can power off, restart or log off the remote computer without needing to connect using Full Control mode. When you connect in this mode, Radmin displays the ‘remote shutdown’ window (Radmin illustr Shutdownillustration).

Radmin shutdown Shutdown
‘Remote shutdown’ window

This window lets you select an action to perform. Press the Ok button to perform the action on the remote computer, or click Cancel to close this window:

  • Restart the remote computer

    Will force the remote computer to restart.

  • Shut down the remote computer

    Will shut down the remote computer to the point where its safe to turn off the power. Depending on the computer configuration, power may shut off automatically.

  • Switch off the remote computer

    Will shut down the remote computer and try to power it off. For power-off to succeed the system should support an automatic power-off feature and be configured to do so.

Radmin note Shutdown There will be no way to prevent remote computer reboot, shutdown or switch off.

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