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The main chat window (Radmin illustr User interfaceillustration) has the following sections (Radmin illustr User interfaceillustration):

Radmin tcmainwnd User interface
Main window
Radmin tcmainwndparts User interface
Main window parts
  1. Channel names

    Contains the names of channels a user is joined to. Switch the Active channel by clicking on the corresponding caption. Details…

  2. Toolbar

    The toolbar gives access to the most important text chat commands with a single click.

  3. Chat Log

    Displays a user’s text messages. Each public and private channel has its own log that you can view by switching channels.

  4. Users list

    Contains the list of users joined to the active channel. Details…

  5. Text input field

    Use the text input field to enter text messages. When you hit <Enter>, the text you entered will be sent to the active channel. To enter multiline text, use the <Ctrl>+<Enter> key combination for line breaks.

  6. Horizontal splitter
  7. Vertical splitter

    Lets you change the dimensions of the chat window components.

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