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You can display text messages in different colors to improve visual effect and add individuality. Use the ‘Color picker‘ toolbar button Radmin icon colorpick Using colors or the “<Ctrl>+<K>” key combination to pop-up the ‘Color picker’ window (Radmin illustr Using colorsillustration) for selecting the current color or coloring selected text.

Radmin colorspickerwnd Using colors
Color picker window

When the Color picker window appears, click on the corresponding color tab or use any of the highlighted letters as a hotkey to select a color.

  • If no text is selected when you choose a new color

    All text entered from the current position will be in the chosen color until you choose a new color. The chosen color is called the current color.

  • If a portion of the text is selected

    The selected text will be colored according to the color chosen. The current color (for new text) will not change.

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Using colors