Changing phonebook record settings

Radmin chapter Changing settings
To change phonebook record settings:
  1. Right-click the phonebook record and select ‘Properties‘.
  2. The “Connection properties” window will appear (Radmin illustr Changing settingsillustration).
    Radmin options addrec Changing settings
    Connection properties window
  3. Select the options page on the left and change the settings (more info). Options pages are the same as for the “new connection defaults” settings.
  4. Click the Ok button.

General record settings

The following settings are available:

  • Name of entry

    Specifies the record label in the phonebook.

  • IP address or DNS name

    Specifies the IP address or DNS name of the remote computer.

  • Use default port

    If this option is selected, connections will use the default port number (4899).

  • Port

    Specifies a custom port number to connect to.

  • Connect through host

    If this option is checked, the connection to the target computer will run through the selected intermediate computer running Radmin Server.

Windows Security settings

To access Windows Security settings, click the ‘Windows Security’ item from the left list. The “Windows Security” settings will appear (Radmin illustr Changing settingsillustration).

Radmin options addrecsec Changing settings
‘Windows Security’ window
  • Don’t use current user in windows authentication

    If checked, Radmin Viewer will not attempt to use logged in user credentials to authenticate on the remote computer. Instead, login window will be displayed so user can manually enter login and password.

  • Host name for kerberos authentication

    ‘Host’ name that will be used upon connecting to the remote computer if ‘kerberos’ authentication is used.

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