Scanning a phonebook for active servers

Radmin chapter Scanning for servers
To scan a phonebook for active servers:
  1. Click the ‘Scan for active serversRadmin icon scan Scanning for servers toolbar button.
  2. For phonebook records that have Radmin Server running on a corresponding remote computer the icon will change to Radmin icon cononline Scanning for servers(Radmin details Scanning for serversdetails).
    The Scan For Active Servers command can be issued in a number of ways:
    • By clicking on the “Scan For Active Servers” toolbar button.
    • By selecting the “Tools”->”Scan For Active Servers” menu command.
    • By hitting then F5 hotkey.

    Radmin note Scanning for serversThis information is valid for the last scan and may be obsolete. The scan uses the remote port specified in the record’s settings.

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