Sharing a Radmin Viewer phonebook

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The Set new phonebook command lets you assign a single phonebook file to two or more Radmin Viewers.

Radmin warn Sharing phonebookThis feature is provided only for compatibility and to handle possible errors. It is not designed to provide a network-wide centralized phonebook system.

Radmin Viewer updates its phonebook information when you make changes to entries. Other Radmin Viewers that use the same phonebook will not automatically detect changes; if they try to make their own changes, a conflict may arise and the ‘phonebook conflict resolution’ window will appear (Radmin illustr Sharing phonebookillustration). The following options are available:

Radmin phonebookshare Sharing phonebook
Phonebook share conflict window
  • Discard the modified phonebook file and use the current phonebook

    Will discard all changes the other Radmin Viewer has made and save the phonebook as it appears with the current Radmin Viewer.

  • Save the current phonebook to another location

    Will save the current Radmin Viewer’s phonebook to another file and display the phonebook that has been updated by another Radmin Viewer.

  • Discard the current phonebook and use the modified phonebook file

    Will discard all changes the current Radmin Viewer has made and load the phonebook with the changes another Radmin Viewer has made.

  • Cancel

    Will temporarily detach the current Radmin Viewer from the phonebook until the system is restarted. A notification window will appear (Radmin illustr Sharing phonebookillustration). All changes will remain in memory, but will be discarded if you exit Radmin without saving them.

    Radmin phonebookdisconnect Sharing phonebook
    Phonebook connect error window
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