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The Voice Chat window (Radmin illustr User interfaceillustration) has the following sections (Radmin illustr User interfaceillustration):

Radmin vcmainwnd User interface
Main window
Radmin vcmainwndparts User interface
Main window parts
  1. Channel type

    Icons that display the channel type and password protection.

  2. Toolbar

    Used for accessing the most important commands.

  3. Channel name

    Displays the channel name.

  4. User type

    Icons that display user state and status, and whether they are muted.

  5. User name

    Displays the user name.

  6. Active channel

    Contains the name and the user list for the active channel. Details…

  7. Splitter

    Lets you change the size of the active channel area and that of other channels.

  8. ‘Talk’ button

    Clicking on this button or hitting the spacebar will initiate voice transmission on the active channel. Details…

  9. ‘Talk’ button label

    Displays current talk status.

  10. Other channels

    Contains the names of non-active channels and their user lists.

  11. Mute checkbox

    If this option is unchecked, no sound will be transmitted.

  12. Wave volume slider

    Lets you set the audio volume.

  13. Microphone sensivity slider

    At the slider’s minimum the microphone will transmit only those words spoken close to it. At its maximum the microphone will transmit all sounds, including background noise.

  14. Log

    Contains useful information and error descriptions.

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