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Hotkeys overview

Hotkeys can be used to start and stop talking while the Voice Chat connection window is minimized or not active:


Holding down this hotkey enables talking until the hotkey is released. This is equivalent to pressing the <Space> key while the Voice Chat window is active.


Pressing this hotkey enables talking. This is equivalent to clicking the ‘Talk’ button.


Pressing this hotkey stops talking. This is equivalent to clicking an already-pressed ‘Talk’ button.

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Using hotkeys with multiple voice chat windows

If multiple Voice Chat windows are active, hotkeys only affects the window that has the Hotkey Focus. To enable or disable hotkey focus for a window, click on the Radmin icon vchotkeyfocus Using Hotkeys toolbar button or select the menu item: ‘Tools‘, ‘Enable/Disable Hotkeys‘ Only one window can have the hotkey focus at a time, and enabling the hotkey focus for a window will automatically disable it for any window previously having the hotkey focus.

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